Broadband from YOU Telecom: Leading Hi Speed Broadband Internet Service provider in India.Super Fast Connection.Get Hi Speed Broadband from YOU Telecom.
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General Data Point
The output of YOU Telecom Leased Internet, over its own network infrastructure will be a DOCSIS compliant Cable Modem (viz Motorola Surfboard SB5100).
YOU Telecom also provides Leased Internet Bandwidth over third-party last mile like BSNL, MTNL, and Private players wherever YOU Telecom does not have its own network. In such cases, the output will be either Serial V.35 or Ethernet with respect to the physical output interface.

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
YOU Enterprise service requires the use of a compatible router (CPE) for termination of the Internet link. You can purchase the CPE directly from YOU Telecom, lease the CPE for a low monthly fee or bring your own compatible router. The actual installation of this CPE is included as part of the installation process. You will also need a 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) or Serial V.35 Card (depending on the last mile) installed on each CPE that will be connected to the Internet link.
Purchase CPE Option :YOU Telecom can provide the necessary router for you depending on the availability of the specific CPE in stock or with YOU Telecom preferred network vendor.

Lease CPE Option : YOU Telecom also has a lease option where YOU Telecom supplies you with the CPE needed for your Internet Link, as well as the installation of that equipment. One of the major advantages of this option is that YOU Telecom provides full service and support for your CPE - so you have just one point of contact, which will save you time and hassles of dealing with separate vendors.
Customer Owned CPE Option : If you would like to supply your own router, this option allows you to do so as long as it's compatible with YOU Telecom services. YOU Telecom will assist in initial configuration of your router. This option saves you from having to buy or rent equipment, which you may already have.

Back-up / Redundant Facility
YOU Telecom provides a redundant service option that makes available an automatic back-up connection in the event of a primary failure. This is through an ISDN back-up port at YOU Telecom end during downtimes of the primary link. ISDN Installation & Telephone charges will be payable at actual's by the client.

Network Usage Reports
YOU Telecom will provide you with a Real Time Online Service Monitoring Portal (NMS) Access link that can generate a detailed graph about Bandwidth Usage, Packet Loss Statistics, etc.

Static IP Addresses
YOU Telecom can assign you a static IP address which gives your business the flexibility to run on-site email or Web servers, or other critical business applications needing a fixed Internet address.

YOU Technical Support
As an YOU Telecom customer, you get knowledgeable technical support helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, during installation and after!
YOU Telecom provides single, point-of-contact helpdesk services via a common all India number.
we offer a wide range of products and services to enhance your Internet surfing experience. Amazing surfing & downloading speeds, Internet Telephony, live audio video streaming, chat and gaming are just some of the few possibilities with a YOU connection.
Broadband from YOU Telecom: Leading Hi Speed Broadband Internet Service provider in India.Super Fast Connection.Get Hi Speed Broadband from YOU Telecom.